8 March 2009

The auntie process

I have recently become an auntie to two girls. Although I am not an auntie genetically I certainly feel a level of emotion that I have never felt upon hearing about a baby's birth. This is my first time of potentially having a role in the upbringing of the next generation - of baby sitting, of day out with kids, of bedtime story telling etc. I have to cautiously say potentially because the babies born are very far away from me right now and I don't know when I will see them but see them I will.

Becoming an auntie by phone has presented a couple of things for me to mull over. The first was - what do I want to be called? I had thought of this before and settled on mausi : the north-indian term for auntie, specifically, the mother's sister. Both my nieces though are through my connection with the father so technically this couldn't be applied yet I felt the most comfortable with it. One thing I was most certain of was that I don't want to be "Megha Aunty" because it makes me feel like I am off to a kitty party and will only stop by to pull on the cheeks on my nieces with the compliment "Cho Cheweet". Also I am in the process of discovering my culture and indianizing my language abilities so I thought settling for an Indian version of Aunty was the way to go. The choice therefore was either Chachi, Atai, Mausi, Mami or Chikkamma. I went for Mausi because I am a sucker for alliterations. Mami was eliminated because it's Aunty in Hindi but grandma in tamil. So, Megha Mausi I have become.

The next vista that this new relationship has created is one that relates to gifts. Now I have to make my foray into knitting afgans, looking for sales in Baby Gap and figuring out what size goes on what baby age group. This is vastly challenging because I hate shopping; it is very rare that I remember my size when I visit a store so stocking baby information is going to very tough. I might have to create a little black book of info or outsource my gift buying. Making the booties isn't too hard if I didn't worry about what colors the moms like for their babies. Now I have to watch out for the baby and the parent's interest.

Looking forward to a whole new world of experiences with babies!

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