5 January 2009

Cane Fresh

When I was six, I managed to get jaundice and as part of the diet I had to stop drinking sugarcane juice for one year. Somehow it ensued that I only had sugarcane juice rarely after that and when I came on vacation to India it was the one water-based drink I was absolutely forbidden to indulge in. Truly, a very big cost to being an NRI.Link

Thus it was with great elation that I found this store in Jeevanbhimanagar called Cane fresh. All they do is sell sugarcane juice. Its neat, non messy and brightly colored. The wall is painted in hues of green and yellow with a section detailing the chains' policy as well as nutritional information about their product. If you are diabetic, this store is definitely not for you; the glass of sugarcane juice we consumed was 17% sucrose! Besides a few spelling mistakes (Magnesium not Megnesium, Chloride not Cholrise) the whole thing was nicely written up. At the bottom of the piece is how they clean their glasses so none of the plastic crap. They seem to have a pretty effective supply chain because sugarcane cannot be stored for long. Also the spent cane is not merely tossed in the garbage but recycled to a paper company.

So at the end of the day you have a product which is fresh, served in a clean manner and still affordable (Rs 10 a glass). In the indian street food melee the biggest doubt with consumption is the source of water and this chain store ensures its franchise follows a hygienic set up to ensure a good and healthy quality. Ok, I'm not a big plan of franchise operations but there is something about this as a product that goes beyond selling an item. I would recommend that you check it out if in Bangalore, sorry, other metros have not had the honor of having a store.

Update: I had a link to Cane Fresh - www.canefresh.com; this is not the same org that runs the store that I have blogged about. I wrote an email to the retailer to report the spellings and they corrected me on this. I am unable to find a web presence of the store that I blogged about.


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  2. Hey, is this the place where they wear gloves while making the sugar cane juice? Have heard about a similar enterprise in Jaynagar.

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  4. Here is another post on the same topic, with an interview by the owners of the cane fresh technology