15 December 2008

Doing as Astro does V

Here is the latest advice from Shri Sree Sri Shree Astro ji.

Lesson # 5 Get some sun.

As you will notice from the pictures Astro is diversifying his nap time locations by shifting himself into the sun. Normally at this time he is to be found curled up on his bed or my grandmother's (depending on domestic vigilance and mood of occupants at home on that day). I remember a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip where Hobbes wishes that he had a big sunny field to lie in and, this is the same with Astro. Only he loves his mental security too much to trust sleeping in an open field so one finds him safely sunning himself in our driveway. This advice from Astro needs no more explanation and is pretty easy to execute. So slap on that sunscreen and get some sun.


  1. Couln't have received it on a better day!...it's a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day.

    2 days after the first winter snow here, the sun is out!

  2. He is so handsome and regal! :) BTW I am planning to adopt a dog in February after Thatha comes here - am terribly excited! :)