1 December 2008

Commiserating with Mr. Unnikrishnan

Hoy! Mr. CMs: what's the deal with showing up at people's home and not respecting their privacy? I don't ever recall you having an open door policy for us citizens to merely walk in one afternoon for a cup of tea at your residence. So, how dare you decide that you need to pay respects to a family who didn't want you there? Mr. Unnikrishnan has a right to his rage and privacy so you have no business to expect him to welcome you with open arms. Your comment just shows to go that your fragile ego is no match for the love and bereavement of a father. I wish I could offer Mr. Unnikrishnan a citizen's cordon from dingdongs like you who think that simply winning an electoral mandate makes you popular guest # 1 in any residence. 

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