29 November 2008

Mumbai meri jaan II

I'm feeling sick to the stomach so much that I have managed to come down with flu. Since writing is the only way out for me to feel better I decided to come online.
I'm feeling paralyzed. About a dozen young men decided that their vile methods of killings and terrorizing was the solution to a grievance. Our politicians have spent little time in pointing the finger to our neighbour. What is clear though is they were superbly prepared, well trained and committed to their mission. How does one human being reach such a state of intoxication that killing another person becomes an action as inane as drinking a glass of water? What lies at the root of their hatred? I'm afraid with our finger pointing and dealing with the current situation we continue to ignore the underlying causes for these frustrations that boil over into violent acts. It's important for us to understand how these young men got where they did for I firmly believe that no human being is born with an ideology of hate; this is something that has been taught to them. 
      The media is doing a fantastic job and I mean that with a complete force of sarcasm. Barkha Dutt, needs a few days in the mountains to learn about compassion and integrity. Her incessant questioning of family members who had kith trapped in the hotels was brazenly insensitive. Sir, what are you feeling right now? Gah! and of course her blabber on how many people are holed up and this obsession with the numbers? I feel compelled to single her out because she symbolizes the extreme selfish end of journalism which asks what can this situation do to my career. I wonder if we can file a PIL to have her removed. 
The other news channel are no better. Giving us a blow by blow account of the maneuvers being executed by our forces. The militant who had access to a blackberry would sure have found that useful.  
Right now the media is covering the funeral services for the fallen officers. Of course they continue to abuse their cameras by not allowing the families to grieve in peace. Joining the party are politicians who probably can't do a single sit up but are ever ready to have their photos taken with the brave. If I were one of the fallen families I would have to ban all politicians from the prayer service. 
Served up next is going to be the political tamasha on this issue. Waiting for this... breathlessly.   

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