22 October 2008

Therapeutic Thippsandra

I found myself peeved this Monday, mainly because I signed up to run a half marathon (Kaveri Trail Marathon) and never bothered to actually prepare so of course, I never got around to doing the whole loop. Instead I lamely turned around at the 8Km point, grabbed a bunch of sandwiches at the aid station near 5Km and walked the rest. All this put me at 16Km when I should have done 21Km.  Blah! The trail BTW was fantastic. It was a hot and humid day for the run but the scenery was splendid: a canal on one side and paddy fields on the other. Lots of bulls with pointy horns and attitude, with occasional farmers wondering aloud why we were running. I'm yet to come up with a nice one liner to answer that question in Kannada to a person who probably walks that distance everyday just because he has to. 
Sigh, so Monday was dawning to be a depressing day when I was sent on errands by mater. I unlocked Chameli and we were off. This is where the therapy started. My first encounter was with an SUV who has decided to turn our lane into a one way street and expected me to simply vanish while he overtook another car. We met head on and I didn't want to yield. He gave me the graceful chin flick suggesting I should pop off while I just started ranting. It ended with me having to give up my road space but the stream of "Ayyyes" and "ninne maggnes" helped clear my sinuses and air out my lungs. The road leading to Thippsandra is a nice ride downhill and I was enjoying this when a huge Innova cut me off. I braked, and gave him the stare. At which point he suggested by honking that I should take my bike and myself off the damn road if I didn't intend to go anywhere. Well, I wasn't having any of it so I let loose another barrage of comments about the common man i.e., bicyclists and how the car drivers (I also drive a car and curse motorists while behind the steering wheel. Yes, that's not fair) are the scum of the earth for not treating us like we were equal partners in road usage. This session concluded I joined the main road. Here bang in the middle of the road were two friends chatting away about home and family. This would hardly classify as inconvenient if they weren't actually sitting in their cars while carrying out this conversation. But quite oblivious to the pile up behind them they continued to reminisce about the good old days. Well, this certainly deserved a public outcry so I decided to be the spokesperson of this mission. I invoked the laws of human decency and civic sense along with the upbraid that if *educated* people like them abused traffic laws then what of other mere mortals? I would have gone on to tell them about the bad example they were setting for their children only I didn't see any kids in the car and I didn't want to drag family into this. 
Well, in the space of 10 minutes I got a chance to rant and rave to just about anybody who cared to listen. My Kannada is definitely getting better and so was my temper. The volatile ride to Thippsandra served the perfect circumstances to get all my anger out on the world and in circumstances where they were mostly deserved. All this has convinced me that in the future I need to just take a bike ride to my Thippsandra to legitimately get some aggression out of my system. 


  1. - Lol
    - Ya right; your kannada swears are improving, nothing more :)
    - Good you got to vent out your anger on the world at some idiotic stranger.
    -By God! Who knows, he might be just turn out to be your future husband's uncle!
    -But girl, be careful on the roads. :)

  2. Btw, if Astro could read, he would not appreciate the fact that you ostracized him from your "family" tag. Although, he would be proud of having his own divine "Astro" tag.

  3. Poetess - You are right, divine Astro does not mix with us mere mortals. He too doesn't believe in observing any traffic rules. My dad jokes that he crosses the road with the same nonchalance with which he crosses our drawing room!