8 October 2008

I can squat

Hurray! I can now venture into new yoga positions. I recently started paying attention to the fact that I couldn't squat. My sister and her fiancee tried hard to teach me the trick but my heels refused to touch the ground and whenever I attempted contact, I would tumble over and fall. But today, when I was playing with Astro I suddenly realized I was squatting. I jumped up with glee and announced this to my mother who rolled her eyes and said, "Congratulations! Now you can use an Indian toilet." I wanted to give her one of my petulant and acerbic howudas but I was also demonstrating my newly found talent and exactly at the point of delivery, I toppled over and fell flat on my face. As usual Game. Set. Match to mother. Hrrumph.
Ironically I spent a better part of my childhood and hostel years using an Indian style toilet so there was no dearth of practice, still I was unable to master the art of planting both heels down. So today I feel like I have reached a new level of body understanding although I am mystified why this muscle flexibility only just manifested itself. It wasn't like I was practicing squatting everyday. Bizarre. Anyway, as long as I retain this power tomorrow I am not going to worry about how it happened. Yipee!  


  1. Good gosh. I had to read this while have b'fast!

    Kudos. Happy you can squat now among other things (jeez).

    ps - me not like the new webpage look.

  2. Poetess - am experimenting with my photoshop talent!