8 September 2008

Rock on

Attempting my first movie review. 

      "Rock on" is a preppy, well scripted hindi movie that has significant overtones borrowed from Dil Chata Hai not surprising since the Dil Chata Hai team of Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar have made this movie. The major difference to me being that no actor in this movie playing a yuppie was actually in his mid-forties - a distinct departure from the usual style of using a popular star to fulfill a role more his/her name rather than his/her game.  
The show starts of with a song that I predict is going to be playing on the airways in a 30 minute loop the moment it becomes available to radio stations. For those of you in my age group it will transport you to the hey days when the college cultural fest promised this sort of frenzied mob behaviour and unlimited sampling of various body odours. The story weaves back and forth between the lives of 4 wanna-be rock stars in their band Magik, taking us from past to present in smooth transitions. Once, they too were believers in their own magic and life happens which fast forwards to their present roles of investment banker (whose house looks like it's designed by the folks at the Musuem of Mordern Art), jeweler, looser guitar teacher and ad jingle maker. Then, life happens again (!) giving them a second chance to recreate their purely-for-joy/ego music. Most of the good times is portrayed with our heros sitting at the back of open jeep with the wind in their hair on roads that I would love to know the location off, because in no part of the movie were they stuck in traffic. The movie ends happily: no loose ends, some climatic sentimental drama and a little titbit letting you know how our heros moved on in life. A jolly good time pass movie that doesn't set any sort of bar except for being professionally executed. 

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  1. they shouldn't have killed "Rob".. that made it BollywooDish :-(

    Looks like it was ghost directed by Farhan !