6 September 2008

Getting in the Zone

Saturday mornings at one time were sacred because those were the days I had to jump start my day with a mandatory long run training for the marathon. Well, the glory days are back. Today, I met a set of divine nymphs from RGI who provide a forum for women to run around Cubbon park. My last recollection of this open space was a decade ago when I visited it with a bunch of school girlfriends on a picnic only to have our happy time converted into an inspiration for a jerk off. The image is still quite clear in my head. 
I was happy for a chance to run in the park with some company and also don my shorts for the occasion. Although India is embracing every conceivable western influence we have sorely lagged behind in accepting scantily clad women as a norm in our society. Even my helmeted NGO-type look while I ride Chameli elicits catcalls and choice kannada songs. Which taken in another way is really flattering; I never imagined riding a cycle with a helmet could be a turn on. Anyway, in the precious 50kgs that the airlines had allowed me to haul my various belongings across the Atlantic I had with great ambition put in some of my running gear which would sufficiently put me in the scantily clad section of society. I had debated for a good 2 days which when you are packing your entire household in 7 days is precious time, about how many shorts to pack. Finally, like on "Who wants to be a millionaire?" I passed on the gut wrenching decision, by calling in my phone-a-friend lifeline, to my darling friend and cousin S who resolved the issue in 2 ticks by simply stuffing it all in my suitcase. Which is why I arrived here with 2 pairs of running shorts which I had the great pleasure in choosing from today. Now, I feel justified in having not got any fancy clothes (this irks my mother no end who thinks I am greatly emphasizing my age by dressing like the PR person at a khadi factory).
Oh, major digression. Coming back to the main story about running. It was a beautiful morning, I had consumed at least 5 kgs of sand riding my scooty across town to Cubbon park but was still raring to go. I got lucky by finding a gang that runs at my smell-the-roses pace and we did two loops of the park. It was acutely liberating to run around in pink shorts. Next week I am breaking out the black ones which are tinier but pack more pockets for choice candy. I am planning to run a part of the Bangalore Ultramarathon, which I have been promised is a dream trail. The nice thing about running here is that distance is calculated in kms so you reach the double digit milestones quickly and water stations should hopefully be closer as well. It was a fantastic run where I was able to get in the zone: the transcendental space where your muscles work in unison with your heart and your system is in so much euphoria that the SMS your sore knees are sending to your brain gets scrambled and lost in transport. I heartily recommend the RGI forum to anyone visiting this fair city and wanting to explore Cubbon park in style. Umm... there are also plenty of guys running around as well if running with babes isn't your style.  

Side note for my Chameli fans: my yoga class happens at a local school where some kids thought that while I was in shavasana I needed a small lesson in karma so they let out the air from my rear tire. What I didn't understand is why they didn't let out the air in the front one as well? To tackle this new situation I have decided to carry an air pump with me to yoga class. 

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