1 September 2008

Doing as Astro does

          As I previously mentioned I am doing a case study on my dog, Astro and learning from him the art of deep contentment and happiness. Since Astro and I suffer from a language barrier I have been unable to ascertain if he agrees with this status quo so we'll have to start this thesis with a big assumption - Astro is a happy dog. 

Lesson # 1  Have a routine

      Astro believes that time is important and how you spend it needs careful attention which is why having optimized his day he seldom deviates from routine. He wakes up at 6 and then wags his tail in anticipation of his walk. About 10 minutes into the sojourn he becomes listless and almost immobile; you see, Astro is charmed by the idea of walking but not really the act, much like most men I seem to date who are charmed by idea of being equal partners in domestic work but not really acting on it. After my dad pulling and him bemoaning, he returns home for his first meal. Then his mornings are spent being groomed by my mom and alternatively napping or begging for more food. After lunch, he retires with my father for his afternoon siesta and wakes up at dot 3:45 for a little breather. This walk is more leisurely and involves climbing into various foliage to sniff out the scent of his gf, the local vamp and other riff raffs of our neighbourhood. This is followed by another meal (I shall address his food philosophy in another post) and a couple of hours staring at the traffic that builds up during the evening right outside our home. Another walk follows with more foliage investigation and the occasional tit bit from the garbage that litters the street. This culminates in the evening nap and meal followed by another small walk to empty the bladder for the night. Astro follows this to the tee. If due to some circumstances even one event is delayed or commences early then all other events that follow are bumped back or forward as is the case. Absolutely no meals are missed and definitely no walks are allowed not to happen; although to call his saunter a walk is an insult to that activity, it's more of a slow amble, quite majestic if one imagines him to be an elephant. The only exception to this speed is if Astro spots either a cat, cow, buffalo, goat, elephant, camel or calves of all of the above, in which case he tails it home faster than leopard on a gnu chase.

       I am working on Lesson number 1. Join me next week as I discover Lesson number 2. Om. Peace, peace, peace. 

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  1. It is so true. I was telling mom the exact same thing about Simba, the only disciplined person amongst the 3 kids. :)