26 August 2008

Welcome Chameli

She's here! I feel like a kid who has been given exactly the birthday gift she asked for.

I always like personalizing my assests. The laptop I am using is Chamcham, the older laptop was Chandani, my old cars were Rosie and Chipkali (I once rang up the auto shop asking if Chipkali was done with her oil change!) and my last bike was Rani. So, joining all these today is Chameli. Now for some killer quads 

1 comment:

  1. Nice! Now you can start training for BTC 2009 - Bengaluru To Chennai ;)

    My green Trek is called Shanmugam because it reminds me of the green bikes that doodhwalas used to ride in desh. Heh, I didn't have a doodhwala because we used to get the standard Aavin milk packets, but I knew a vegetablewallah by that name :)