21 August 2008

Settling In

I'm blogging from India now. It's quite pleasant here and besides jet lag I have no worries. For the next week or so I have decided to spend my time studying my best (only!) friend in the city, my dog, Astro. Astro manages to lead a very dignified and content lifestyle, something I have decided to emulate. Stay tuned for the rest of this study.
Now for my favorite experience today, the Bank. There's some construction work going on at my local branch so I had to to wind through a maze of dirt, concrete, precariously perched bamboo scaffolding and the usual gang of loitering young men to get through to the entrance. Once in, a 900sq ft area was holding 100 people and after managing to catch the attention of an officer I was told to wait. Then I had to conduct my business in the open because the agent was some sort of floor manager and didn't have his own office. It felt quite strange to discuss personal banking stories in a hallway teeming with people, but this is home! I suppose I would have got a chair and some privacy if I wanted a home loan.

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