19 August 2008


It's a cloudy and wet day, for some reason this reminds of rainbows. I have a special memory for rainbows for e.g., the first time I saw a double rainbow was with my best friend S. Since then every time I see a double rainbow I have taken a vow to call him or establish some sort of connection. A rainbow once traveled with me from mile 9 through mile 13 when I was training for my first marathon. Watching it made me forget my running injuries and carried me through the run. These memories seamlessly travel through my mind each time I spot a rainbow and I'm happy to have a rainbow trigger.

Switching topics, the auction was a success. Mostly because my friends are a generous bunch and they bought everything far in excess of what I expected. My fundraising goal was $500 and we brought in about $600, thanks to my friend E who made sure that everybody loaded up.

So, all the loose ends are tied up and my bags are packed, I'm ready to go ... leaving on a jet plane.

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  1. yes, we're making good use of all those auction items. We use the cow and pig coaster every day. I use the pig; emily uses the cow.