11 August 2008

Making my way out

I was stuck. I have become unstuck. Only now, I don't know where or when I will stick again. So, this is a good time to begin chronicling my journey because I am truly tired of accumulating all these life experiences and apparently not learning any lessons. This way, I can re-read my own stories and find myself in a cyber avatar so as to recreate my physical avatar.

My job sucked, my spouse decided he had enough and, my social life consisted of my plants and my volunteering work. Surely life has something more to offer so I am quitting it all. The job, the relationship and the life I have built here for the past 7 years. I am moving back to India. At the grand age of 29, I am moving in with my parents with no game plan into a city where I will have to build my life over again - professionally and personally.

Wrapping up my home has been hard. I have memories with everything; including the stinky dish rag that has now dried out to a starchy membrane. I'll miss having my own home, a kitchen where I picked out every item with care and collected enough food stuffs to feed my friends, family and of course, him. I tell myself that this has just been one-seventh of my life so far and I'll re-create everything beautifully once more. One part of me believes the glass is half full and the other, which is locked in mortal combat with the first, believes the saala glass is not there to begin with.

So, here I am making my way out.

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