15 August 2008

Love and blessings

As I wind down my life here my emotions are like waves with weepy lows and uplifting highs. I think I have shared enough of the weepy lows and so will focus today on the uplifting highs. Firstly, I am excited that this episode in my life automatically qualifies me to write a memoir. Yes, the market is crammed with people sharing their inner most thoughts but human drama has remained a sale-able quality since man first started writing. Think Iliad, Mahabharat or even the Bible. They are filled with human drama. Of course this endeavor means that I will have to save some of my best prose for my book. :) Hmm... I wonder if it is plagiarism if I were to copy words from my blog to the book? Will I be violating the copyright of my cyber self? This will require further analysis that is beyond the purview of this post.

Back to my highs. I lost love, the type that two people share and hope to build their lives around but I have also been exposed to a higher love. The type of love that surrounds us like a web and comes from family, friends and pets. The type of love that is never expressed in "I love you" but the type which wraps you in a tight embrace letting you know that everything will be alright and you have the strength of 100 because that's how many people are invested in helping you. I thought I had little in terms of a social fabric till I was forced to change my life , personally and professionally, but as word gets around each phone call, each email and each meeting feels like a relay of torches that are set on carrying me to the end of the tunnel. This is why I am also blessed. I am blessed to share my life with such people for whom even an acquaintance's pain is there own. I have a lovely friend, whom I have never met (in this day and age we are email pen pals) and she always signs her emails with love and blessings. Today, I realized the blessings. I can never thank my supporters enough but I promise that I will pass along their love to someone else who gets stuck and needs a hand, because that's the proper way to keep this special energy flowing.

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