14 August 2008


Well, pugilism is far away from my mind today. My friend got me some really nice boxes to pack stuff in. Unlike the lab boxes which have already seen much of the world before being delivered to me, these boxes are brand new.
I always have mixed feelings while packing household items. On one hand I feel that I accumulate too many things and these material worldly possessions are of no consequence in the large scheme of life. But on the other, every thing I own has some memory and history behind it. By default I don't discard anything I have been gifted. I also collected kitchen items with much care; picking, researching and maintaining them in perfect shape. So, those get tossed into the boxes as well. Clothes I am less sentimental about. I am a thift store shopper mostly so parting with the stuff is easy because I never invested time to get them in the first place. Then there are knick knacks I have bought from India during my several trips back and forth to make my home feel cherished and comforting. Those are easy to discard or keep as well. I like my books and do tend to read them over and over again. Some are coming back with me while some are being auctioned.
Ah, the auction. My final farewell to memories which would go to make some nice memories (hopefully!) for a kid in India. I volunteer for Asha for Education and decided that rather than donate to goodwill I will throw one last party at my house which would be an auction fundraiser. I am looking forward to this party. I get to meet all my friends and raise some money for my favorite charity. Let it not be said that I left with a whimper but with a bang.

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